Welcome to the Carpathians Molodylne heart!

There is a special place in the Carpathians, where you can find the unique sources rich in natural calcium. Natural calcium makes you feel always young and helps the body to work up to 100% of its capacities, promoting at the same time a rush of energy and vitality!

How does nature create our water?

Pristine nature provides unique local Ukrainian Carpathians sources with the perfect protection.

The Carpathians water flows through several layers of rocks that can be used as a natural filter and enters the groundwater zone. In fact it is protected from any negative influences of modern civilization.

Water is naturally enriched with minerals at depths of rocks of Strutinske field, so “Karpatska Dzherelna” has a high concentration of natural calcium.

Mineral water “Karpatska Dzherelna” is mined at a depth of 90 meters directly from a natural source without any contact with the human. It is just filtrated by impurities and keeps all the beneficial natural minerals.

The uniqueness of natural mineral water “Karpatska Dzerelna” is high in calcium with perfectly balanced content of other minerals. “Karpatska Dzherelna” helps to maintain a high level of vitality and great health.

“Karpatska Dzerelna” is the Carpathians rejuvenating water!