“The Carpathian mineral waters” is a national manufacturer of mineral waters and soft drinks, which has had more than 15 years history.

The company started its activity in the mineral waters market in 1996 with the first bottling of natural mineral table water under TM “Karpatska Dzherelna”, and in June 2002 it was reorganized into the plant for the production of mineral waters and soft drinks called “The Carpathian mineral waters.” In 2002 the company started production of sweet fizzy drinks in TM “Fruit Dzherelna” and TM “Sokovynka”, and in 2016 – energy drinks TM “Dragon”.

Today the group of companies “The Carpathian mineral waters” is a powerful player in the Ukrainian market of natural mineral waters and soft drinks. The company has taken and firmly holds a leading position thanks to the modern and high-tech business strategy.


Mineral water “Karpatska Dzherelna” is mined at a depth of 90 meters directly from a natural source without any contact with the human. Production is located directly at the source, and the water from the wells goes to the bottling line by the pipeline. In the bottling process water is filtrated only from solids and keeps all the beneficial natural minerals. The chemical composition of this underground water belongs to the bicarbonate-calcium mineralization of 0.3-0.8 g / liter.

The company has installed modern bottling lines that allow to bottle water without changing its unique structure – all products are produced on a fully automated quality equipment: KHS AG (Germany), SIDEL (France), BC di Vittorio Macri (Italy), AVE (Italy), ЕNPAS (Turkey), Кosme (Austria).

One of the basic principles of “The Carpathian mineral waters” is a comprehensive quality control at all stages of production. The ability to create world-class products is confirmed by implemented and certified management system for food safety in accordance with international standard ISO 22000.

“The Carpathian mineral waters” is a strong enterprise with advanced equipment and quality control systems that meet international standards.


We are creating and developing the market of soft drinks in order to bring the taste and pleasure in people’s lives by offering them quality products to anywhere in Ukraine.

We pay equal attention to customer satisfaction, employee development and developing of long term relationships with partners.